Friday, September 24, 2010

50% Decided

From the 1st year I keep thinking on to become a dietitian or not... huhu.. since the course is not in my mind at the first place..

Last day I had a practical exam at the Hosp. Tengku Ampuan Afzan.. The case is very simple (for me) because I've been through the same case for the past 3 weeks during my OPD practical..

However, due to the referral note, I get confused on what to put the priority of the case.. Why? because in the referral note it stated to do the counseling for disease XXX which is less important than other diseases.

I was wrong when i did the counseling whereby I left out the most important priority of the disease for my intervention (though in the answer sheet I put the correct intervention) since I was already confused whether just to follow the referral note or do it based on the priority.

I was 'scolded' by the dietitian for the wrong 'practical' intervention. Even though I justified everything, it was fruitless. I was down all the day.. Letting myself in hypermetabolic state. Keeping my phone OFF and secure my room.

Due to the incident, I am now have 50% decided not to become a dietitian because I am not competent enough. And lots of thing I need to learn within few months to go just to let myself pass the degree..

This evening I've got a class to discuss the mistakes and homework. Hope I'll be able to manage my emotions............................

I am OK if the mistakes I'd done due to my fault. Think twice!

p/s: This article is made for my personal purpose only.

Thank you

Friday, September 17, 2010

40 hadith in animation

Salam. Ive just found this video at Facebook uploaded by my friend. Its very interactive video and the animations are very fascinated! Lets pray and strive for the best to be a good Muslim...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pursuing Master? (Part 1)

University of Pittsburgh

  • The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) offers several programs in the field of nutrition through its School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Students can pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of nutrition and clinical dietetics. Pitt offers a bachelor of science and master of science degree. The bachelor of science degree requires 62 credit hours beyond the general education requirements. Students take courses in physiology, medical terminology, food science, macronutrient metabolism, nutrition therapy and clinical biochemistry as part of the program. The master of science degree requires 40 hours for completion. Students take more advanced courses in areas such as advanced nutrition counseling, eating disorders in athletes, human genetics, epidemiology and pharmacology.

    University of Pittsburgh
    4200 Fifth Ave.
    Pittsburgh, PA 15260
  • Iowa State University

  • Iowa State University offers bachelor of science and master of science degrees in the field of dietetics. Iowa State offers these programs on campus, but also offers the master of science degree in an online format. The online degree is offered as part of a consortium among several universities, including Oklahoma State University, Kansas State University, Colorado State University and several other schools. Students can take courses from any of the participating schools but apply to the program at only one of the institutions. Along with Kansas State, Iowa State's program is one of the largest offered in terms of the number of courses available to students. The master's degree program requires 36 credit hours for graduation. Students must take 15 hours of core courses in areas such as statistics and research methods. Elective courses include advanced medical nutrition therapy, functional foods and maternal and child nutrition, among others.

    Iowa State University
    Dietetics Academy
    220 MacKay Hall
    Ames, IA 50011
  • Eastern Michigan University

  • Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is another school offering an online degree in the field of dietetics and human nutrition. EMU offers bachelor and master of science degrees. The school offers two master of science degrees; one degree program is in the field of dietetics, the other in nutrition. The bachelor's and master's degree programs in dietetics require students to take supervised practical experience outside of coursework. Courses included in the programs include fields such as nutrient metabolism, food systems management, food and culture, nutrition therapy and alternative and complementary medicine.

    Extended Programs and Educational Outreach
    100 Boone Hall
    Eastern Michigan University
    Ypsilanti, MI 48197

  • Read more: List of Universities for a Nutrition or Dietitian |

    Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Menderma atau ????

    Islam sgt menggalakkan umatnya untuk menderma. Sekarang sudah banyak insan-insan yang ditugaskan untuk mengutip derma dari rumah ke rumah.. aku dan family tidak terkecuali menjadi orang yang di 'approach'.. dan family aku pun menderma dgn membeli CD yang dijual.. Tapi, ada sesuatu yang membuat aku berasa pelik tapi benar...

    Ada yang mengutip derma dengan menjual CD pelajaran.. Yang menjadi tanda tanya, CD tu macam CD cetak rompak (lihat gambar)... huhu... harga RM5.00... Bila aku 'play' CD tu, mmg ternyata tiada kualiti.. Stuck sana-sini..

    Aku tak tahu samada hasil karya ini yang original atau sudah di cetak rompak... Hurm... adakah ini masih dikatakan menderma??

    p/s: Kutiplah derma dengan cara yang halal.